How to grow hair back after a scalp fungal infection

Fungal infection is another cause of hair loss most common in children. The hair loss due to fungal infection occurs in circular patches that leaves a circular bald spot. It causes infection on the scalp due to which the patient feels fever. But the fortunate thing is that fungal infection is treatable. The hair can grow back on the scalp after scalp fungal infection. When treated properly. The answer to the question, how to grow hair back after a scalp fungal infection? is given in this article.

Such fungal infection is called ringworm. And the fungi that cause ringworm are called dermatophytes. The common symptoms of ringworm are redness of the scalp, circular bald spot, itchiness of the infected area, and fever. For final confirmation, you should visit the dermatologist clinic.

The hair loss due to fungal infection is reversible. When the condition is treated properly. To get hair back on your scalp after fungal infection, you should focus on the root cause, which is a fungal infection. Treating the fungal infection reverses all the symptoms. The treatment of fungal infection is summarized in the following sections.

Taking Anti-Fungal Medicines

The use of anti-fungal medicines improves the condition dramatically. You should use antifungal medicines as prescribed by your doctor. The antifungal medicines reverse all symptoms when taken as recommended.

Your doctor may recommend an antifungal medicine from the list of anti-fungal medicines like fluconazole, itraconazole, terbinafine, and griseofulvin. Just after completion of a single dose of anti-fungal, you will feel growing hair back on your scalp.

Use of Anti-Fungal Ointments

In most severe cases your dermatologists may advise the use of topical antifungal ointment on the infected areas. Anti-fungal ointment, when used according to prescribed instructions, accelerate the treatment process. The ointment should be applied to the infected areas plus to the surrounded areas for better results.

 Use of Anti-fungal Shampoo

Washing of hair with an anti-fungal shampoo is another successful treatment of fungal infection. Just the use of anti-fungal shampoo has shown significant improvement in many patients. In normal fungal infection, the anti-fungal shampoo can be used as a single remedy, while in severe cases your dermatologist may recommend oral anti-fungal along with anti-fungal shampoo. However, in my clinic, the anti-fungal shampoo has grown back hair on the scalp after fungal infection.

Keep Your Hair Clean, Dry, and Cool

It is common for all infections that it grows faster in an unhygienic situation. The same case is with the fungal infection. Besides the unhygienic situations, the fungal infection increases with heat and humidity. Because the humid and hot environment is a favorable condition for fungi to grow.

If you want to stop the aggression of fungal infection, you should keep the scalp clean, dry, and cool. Just these caring measurements have grown hair back on the scalp of many patients after fungal infection. Therefore, the hair should be washed regularly with antifungal shampoo, dried properly with a towel, and be protected from heat.

Improve Hygiene

Care for others is your own care. Fungal infection is a communicable infection. It transfers from one person to another person very easily. Whenever, when you touch an infected person or animal, you should disinfect your hands with sanitizers or by washing with soap. Otherwise, it may transfer to you.

Apart from this fungal infection may transfer from the infected part of the scalp to the non-infected part. That is why if you want your hands back on your scalp after fungal infection, you should improve your hygiene and stop the infection from spreading.

Other Treatments

Your doctor may consider other treatments like the injection of steroids into the scalp and low-level laser therapy. These treatments will be considered in the very last stage when needed. Before going for steroid and low-level steroids you should consult with the doctor.

Massage Hair with Peppermint Oil

Before washing hair with an anti-fungal shampoo, you should massage your hair for 10-15 minutes with peppermint oil and Olive oil. Take some olive oil and mix it with the 4-5 drops of peppermint oil and then massage the hair with this mixture for 10-15 minutes. This will help to regulate blood flow on the scalp.

Drink More Water and Eat Healthy Diet

Drinking more water and eating a healthy diet improves immunity against infection. To get rid of fungal scalp infection you should eat according to a proper diet that boosts your immunity.

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