How to regain hair loss from stress

Hair loss is the most common condition in a modern busy and anxious life. There are a number of causes of hair loss, but, the more common cause is stress and anxiety. When a person passes through a physical or mental shock, he experienced hair loss after a gap of two or three months.

Studies show that different patients remained in stress for a long time experience hair loss. Now it is clear that stress can cause hair loss, but the question is still there how to regain the hair loss from stress? Here in this article, we are going to answer the question, how to regain the hair loss from stress?

To answer the question, how to regain hair loss from stress? We should first explain how stress causes hair loss? During stress, the body stops the blood and nutrient supply to the low priority parts that include hair follicles. And increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the brain and muscles to fight the situation. Due to which most of the hair follicles went into the resting phase called the Telogen phase that causes Telogen hair loss.

But the lucky thing is that hair loss from stress is reversible. Dermatologists recommend different relaxing techniques to reduce the stress that improves the hair loss condition. Along with this advice some hair caring techniques and hair growth products for better results.

Different approaches of dermatologists are summarized into three different categories like stress-reducing methods, hair caring improvement, and suggestion of appropriate hair growth products.

Stress-Reducing Methods

As mentioned earlier the root cause of hair loss, in this case, is stress. So before thinking about the growth of hair loss due to stress, the dermatologists focus on the reduction of stress. Reduction in hair loss significantly improves the hair loss condition. The doctors suggest the following stress reduction methods for stress reduction.

  • Taking Proper Sleep.
  • Keep Yourself Busy.
  • Increase Physical Activities.
  • Reduce the use of Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol.
  • Manage Your Time Efficiently.
  • Avoid Taking Too Many Responsibilities.

Improve Hair Caring Methods

Usually, the hair loss patients are looking for some efficient hair growth product recommended by dermatologists. But as a dermatologist I personally recommend some hair caring methods along with needed hair growing products to for better results. These hair caring methods include the following methods.

Hair Protection

like other parts of the body, the hair also needs proper care. The hair should be protected from the dust and heat. Exposure of hair to dust and heat accelerate the hair loss condition. The protection of hair has improved a lot by saving the existed hair from thinning and falling. You can protect the hair from dust and heating by using hair protectors available online for both males and females.

Using Wooden Comb

As the plastic comb produces charge polarization that breaks the hair shaft. Therefore, I suggest using a wooden comb for combing. This saves hair from the interaction of polarized charges produced by plastic. Several online available wooden combs can save your hair from breakage.

The second point to be noted in the selection of comb is that combing weak and thin hairs with the comb of tight jaws causes the pull out that recede the hairline. That is why I recommend to my patients a wooden comb with open jaws. Gentle combing with a wooden comb of wide jaws can save a lot of existed hairs from falling and breaking. There are a lot of wooden combs with wide jaws available online.

Using Proper Hair Oil

Oiling hair keeps your hair hydrated, there are fewer chances of hair loss is hydrated hair. I noted in my clinic that the fallout rate is more in dry hair. That is why I recommend the use of coconut oil twice a day.

Washing Hair Carefully

The one who has lost hair due to stress should be very careful in washing hair. During washing hair pullout in patches looking to these pullouts, patches cause more stress in patients. Therefore the hair should be washed carefully with some shampoo extracted from natural ingredients. And that should be free of paraben and sulfate. I recommend LARITELLE shampoo which is purely derived from natural ingredients.

Hair Growing Products

Reducing stress and improving hair care is insufficient. The dermatologists suggest some hair growth products to regain hair loss from stress. The recommended hair growing products include the only medicine, minoxidil, for hair loss and other additives. Minoxidil is the only FDA authorized medicine for hair loss. A product of minoxidil available in the market for both males and females with brand names MEN’s Rogaine and WOMEN’s Rogaine have shown amazing improvement in hair loss patients.

As the body needs minerals and vitamins to keep the hair healthy, elastic, and shiny. Therefore the patient should take the following supplements of vitamins and minerals according to need available online.

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