Dermatologist Recommended Hair Growth Products

The flow of hair loss patients in the dermatologist’s clinic is increasing day by day. According to a rough estimate, more than 50 million people are facing hair loss problem. In the recent pandemic situation, the number of hair loss patients has been increased dramatically. Every one of them is looking for dermatologists to recommend him some best hair growth product.

Hair loss is the most unwanted condition, especially in youngsters and women. It not only affects the glorifying look of the patients but also affects their mental health. That compelled the patients to think about their hair loss. Treatment of hair loss is very crucial especially in young and female patients. There are different types and causes of hair loss. That makes it a challenging task for the dermatologists to recommend any hair growth product to the patient.

There are several hair growth products available in the market. That contains both prescription and non-prescription products. But however, if someone asked me what is the treatment of hair loss? I will just write Minoxidil as an answer. Minoxidil is the most recommended hair loss medicine by dermatologists.

It is a non-prescription medicine approved by FDA Federal Drug Authority USA. All the other medicines that dermatologists recommend are additives like oils, proteins, and vitamins, and mineral supplements. The best recommendation by the dermatologists for hair loss is the combination of minoxidil and these additives.

If you are a hair loss patient and looking for a nice hair growth product that most dermatologists recommend to the hair loss patients. Then here we are going to discuss in this article the different hair growth products. Which has a nice combination of minoxidil and useful additives. From a range of hair growth products, we have selected a few of them that most of our dermatologists recommend for hair growth.

Women’s Rogaine

If we list the best-recommended hair growth products, the Women’s Rogaine comes on the top. Women’s Rogaine is one of the best hair growth products that I recommend to the hair loss patient in my clinic. The specialty of this product is that it works for both male and female hair loss. It is the number one dermatologist recommended brand.

This product is available in two forms, one with the 2 percent and the other with 5 percent minoxidil topical aerosol. Dermatologists recommend 5 percent for better results. The product works slowly due to which it should be used for months to get a better result.

Men’s Rogaine

When it comes to men, Men’s Rogaine is the first choice of treatment for hair loss. Men’s Rogaine is the most popular hair growth product that dermatologists recommend to men for hair loss. It also contains 5 percent minoxidil, the drug approved by the FDA. In my clinic, about 80 percent of patients using Men’s Rogaine have shown improvement. The minoxidil present in the Men’s Rogaine regulates the blood supply in the capillaries present on the scalp. That causes the hairs to grow faster.   

Keranique-Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women

This is a unique spray product for hair growth. Most of the dermatologists recommend it to the women in hair loss conditions. The spray contains 2 percent minoxidil along with other essential hair growth additives. Due to its amazing hair growth formula dermatologist recommend it for faster hair growth in women.

SHEDAVI – Hair Growth Vitamins

Taking the proper amount of vitamins is very essential for healthy skin, nail, and hair. A dietary supplement available in the market called SHEDAVI meets all the deficiencies of needed vitamins and nutrients for hair growth. Dermatologists recommend it for healthy hair, nail, and skin.

SHEDAVI, a dietary supplement, contains enough biotin. Biotin accelerates the production keratin that keeps hair healthy. That is why SHEDAVI is the number one recommended dietary hair growth product. It is best for all types of hair loss. The nutrients available in this supplement reduce the fall-out rate of hair.

Root Lifting Serum

Root Lifting Serum is another hair growth product with a powerful formula extracted purely from plants. The serum contains a powerful botanical ingredient that gives strength to the hair from the root and increases the volume of hair on the scalp. The serum contains natural caffeine that regulates blood flow to the scalp. That is why it is on the list of hair growth products that the dermatologists recommend to men for hair loss treatment.

Nutrafol Hair Loss Supplement

Nutrafol is another hair loss supplement made of natural ingredients extracted from plants. The ingredients present in this supplement have a key role in every phase of hair growth. The plant derivatives of Nutrafol balanced the hormone level in the body. It also has anti-inflammatory agents that save follicles from damage.

If you are looking for a natural treatment of hair loss, then the Nutrafol hair supplement is the best option for you. As a dermatologist, I love to recommend this product for hair growth because of its natural touch.

Viviscal Advanced Hair Growth Nutrients Supplement  

Vivisical is the all in one hair growth dietary supplement that contains all essential vitamins and nutrients. It nourishes thinning hair, prevents hairs from falling, and promotes the existing hair growth. This dietary product contains AminoMar, Vitamins, and fruit extract which keeps hair healthy.

The supplement is available in the pack of 180 tablets, which should be used twice a day for three months. Using Viviscal shampoo and conditioner with this supplement accelerates the growth of hairs.

Caviar Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Shampoo

Caviar Anti-Aging shampoo is the most recommended hair growth product by dermatologists. Its unique formula reduces the level of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the scalp. Dihydrotestosterone is a specific sex hormone that is the main cause of hair loss.

Apart from this using Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoo keeps the scalp skin fresh and clean. There is a Red Clover Densifying Complex in the formula of this shampoo that also prevents DHT build up on the scalp and keep the scalp fresh and clean.

R3 Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplement

R3 Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplement is a dietary supplement made of natural ingredients. Its ingredients include biotin, fish collagen, 1-cysteine, and silicon dioxide. The included ingredients cause the hair to grow faster, strong, elastic and shine. These incredible impacts of this supplement on the health of hair make it the best option for dermatologists to recommend it for hair growth.               

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