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Low level of Testosterones
Low level of Testosterones

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an important hormone in the male gender of humans, women also produce testosterone, but on a very low level, this hormone gives men its gender-specific characteristics like fertility, strong muscles, bulky bones, and body hairs.

This hormone is also known as the male sex hormone. Because it controls the production of sperm and sexual mode in men. Apart from this testosterone also regulates the distribution and production of the fat and red blood cells.

Low production of testosterone that leads to serious complications like infertility, low bone density, and the muscular weakness that fades away the men’s characteristics in the male gender.

What Causes Low level of Testosterone in the Body?

The following factors affect the level of testosterone in the body.


Depression and testosterone have a correlation. Different studies across the world have shown that most of the depressed people were found low on testosterone. Avoiding depression improved testosterone levels in many depressed people. But however, it is still to be answered that can depression be treated by increasing testosterone levels.

Life Style

The lifestyle in the modern world is the main reason for low testosterone levels in men today. Setting for hours in offices, watching screens in homes has made the life of modern man very passive. This passive lifestyle runs the energy level down and increases the center systolic pressure, which decreases the testosterone level in the body.


Chronic fatigue that does not give away with sleep is correlated to low testosterone in the body. Fatigue also affects physical and mental health which is especially dangerous in men age 40+. Because it occurs in bone and muscle mass.

Cancer Treatment

The cancer patients under chemotherapy treatment also face a low level of testosterone. Which is temporary and reverses with time as the chemotherapy ends.

Alcohol Abusing

The use of alcohol not only affect kidney and liver but can also produce serious medical problems like low testosterone level. Because testosterone affects Leydig cells that are present in testes and these cells are responsible for the production of testosterone. Drinking alcohol also releases endorphins that affect the synthesis of testosterone.


It is natural that the testosterone level did not remain the same throughout the age.  As the testosterone level did not remain the same at age 40+ as it is in 20. But however, eating a healthy diet and adopting an active lifestyle can maintain testosterone levels in aged people to some extent.


Obesity is also one of the main causes of the low levels of testosterone in the body. Because fats convert testosterone into estrogen which reduces the testosterone level. Obesity also reduces the level of a protein called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin or SHBG that carries testosterone in the blood. Losing weight may increase the testosterone level.

Losing too Much Weight

Losing too much may result in a low level of testosterone in the body. Because burning too many fats and losing bones and muscle mass reduces testosterone in the body.


Men with diabetes usually face the problem of the low levels of testosterone. They get insulin from outside which reduces the testosterone level in the body.


Hypertension is another factor that affects the level of testosterone in the body. Due to hypertension, the pressure in the arteries and veins rises which puts the heart in danger. To ensure the supply of blood to different parts of the body the heart puts more pressure on the arteries that affect the synthesis of testosterone in the body.

How to Improve Testosterone Level in the Body?


Daily workout increases testosterone levels in the body. Especially resistive workout sessions usually help the body to improve testosterone levels in the body. Even improvement in testosterone levels has been noted in men of age 50+ with the workout.

Protein Intake

Increasing the intake of protein in the daily diet helps the body to produce more testosterone. Taking more protein helps in losing weight and increase bones and muscular mass. While all these factors improve the testosterone levels.

Minimizing Stress

Minimizing stress increases testosterone production. Because stress leads to fatigue and that reduces testosterone. So taking good sleep and listening to favorite music helps in losing stress.

Vitamin D

Research studies show that testosterone level can be increased up to 25% by taking vitamin D supplements on the regular basis.                     

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