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Symptoms of Unhealthy liver
Symptoms of Unhealthy Liver

Early Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver

In this post we will talk about the early 6 signs that indicate your liver is not working properly. The liver is the most important, vital and heaviest organ in the body. The main function of the liver is to regulate chemicals in the blood. It also produces a special product called bile. The bile has an important role in the digestion of fats, removal of Bilirubin and cholesterol.

All the blood that leaves through the stomach and intestines goes through the liver. The function of the liver is to process and break down the blood and creates nutrients for the rest of the body.

For a healthy life your liver needs to be healthy if your liver feels unhealthy it needs some lifestyle changes.

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver

The following 6 signs will tell you about unhealthy liver.

Low Blood Sugar Level

As the main function of the liver is to regulate blood sugar level in the body. Any sever damage and problem in the liver may lead to the low sugar level in the blood.

A prolonged low blood sugar indicates that your liver has been severely damaged. Low blood sugar level is correlated to an unhealthy liver because the liver is responsible for the production and processing of glucose from the meal.

The blood sugar level drop in the blood when the liver loses its capability to release glucose into the blood. This condition causes extreme fatigue because glucose is the main source of energy in the body.

Imbalance Hormone Level

Your liver is also responsible for the regulation of different hormone levels in your body. An imbalance in the sex hormone such as testosterone and estrogen may be caused by a severely damaged liver.

As the blood passes from the liver, the liver filtered the blood for excess hormones and remove it from the body. In this way liver maintains a balanced level of all hormones such as thyroid hormones, cortisone, adrenal, and sex hormones.

If your liver is not working properly, then an imbalance may occur in these hormone levels.

Unexpected Mood Change

An unhealthy liver may cause an unexpected change in your mood. As the liver removes toxin from the blood if the liver can’t do this properly, it may enter into the brain which may cause a disorder called hepatic encephalopathy.

Patients suffering from this disorder experience an unexpected change in mood and behavior. If you experience symptoms like depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, memory loss, and unexpected mood swing, then this indicates that your liver requires some special care.     

Weak Immune System

The liver plays an important role in the metabolism and defense of the body against infections and diseases. The liver detoxifies the blood that prevents toxin from infecting the body. The liver also provides nutrients that help the body to build a strong immune system.

The liver has a central position in the immune system due to the large number of activated immune cells. So a problem in the liver may lead to a weak immune system.

Sleeping Disorder

A research study named Managing Sleep Disturbance in Cirrhosis, reveals that sleep disturbance such as Insomnia, Sleep Apnea which can cause snoring and other sleep disorders are common symptoms associated with liver cirrhosis.

The study also states that sleep disturbance can negatively affect a person life according to its function. Those who suffer from liver disease may also suffer from syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea.

As stated above a problem in the liver may cause a disorder called hepatic encephalopathy (HE). In addition to the unexplained mood swing, this disorder may also result in sleep disorder.

Chronic Fatigue

A study of mayo clinic states that in addition to the weak immune system, if your liver is damaged you will also feel chronic fatigue. This chronic fatigue leads to a lack of sleep, lack of energy, and overall sense of malaise.

If you continue to constantly feel fatigue and cannot get enough sleep you may notice that your mind seems to be a bit foggy, you may find that you are confused and forgetful as well.          

Memory Loss

If your liver is not working properly, you may face confusion, depression and fogginess in mind. It is because if your liver is not working properly, you wouldn’t be able to filter blood properly toxin are left to roam free throughout the body.

In some cases these toxin enter in to the brain and effect the sleeping pattern of patient. In such conditions you will start feeling symptoms such as memory loss, confusion and difficulty making everyday decisions.

How to improve your liver health?

Now you know the 6 signs that your liver is unhealthy and not working properly. Now here we are talking about the ways you can improve your liver health including foods you should eat and lifestyle change you should make.

How to improve your liver health with diet?

If you want to improve your liver health the first thing you should do is to reorganize your diet starts by adding fruits and vegetables. The liver needs vitamins and minerals in order to function properly there are no foods that have more vitamins and minerals than fruits and vegetables.

Another thing you should do is to eliminate food additives your liver can’t filter additives. There are a lot of food that can help you to improve your liver health according to Healthline grapefruits has antioxidant which can help protect the liver these antioxidants can also help to reduce a condition called hepatic fibrosis which results in the connective tissues buildup in the liver this condition can result in chronic inflammation.

You should also include blueberry and crane berry in your diet which both contain anthocyanin which is an antioxidant that keeps your health healthy and protect the liver from damage.

In addition to include foods in the diet that are good for the liver you should also avoid drinking alcohol that can cause damage to your liver. Because the liver process it as a toxin and too much overloading alcohol can damage the liver which is unrepairable.

How to improve your health with lifestyle change?

In addition to include healthy foods in the diet and avoid heavy use of alcohol you should incorporate active and healthy living into your life. Exercise can help you to maintain your overall health including mental health.

One last thing that can help you is to reduce stress according to doctors your hormones can play a big part in your liver health. If you practice reducing stress in different ways you can reduce the inflammatory response by hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal the HPA.

The HPA can change when you are stressed, causing inflammation which can result in liver damage. Try to be positive and reduce stress in life. Doctors say that a damaged liver can lead to anger and frustration.    

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