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Heart Attack Symptoms and Its Prevention by Eating Dates

What is The Heart Attack?

Any problem with heart is disastrous and life-threatening and the most common of them is heart attack. A heart attack is a condition in which the patient feels chest pain and inability of heart muscles which is due to the blockage of blood supply to these muscles of the heart. When the blood vessels, that supply blood to the heart muscles, stop the supply of blood which causes the heart muscles to die. This condition is termed as a heart attack.

Functions of Heart

It is not easy for anyone to live without a healthy and proper functioning heart. The heart has a central role in the blood circulation system. It helps the body in the distribution of nutrients and oxygen by pumping blood, full of nutrients and oxygen, to all parts of the body. It also collects deoxygenated blood full of wastes products from the whole body. This strong muscular organ is located in the thoracic cavity and is made of four chambers and beats at the rate of 72 beats per minute.

Early Symptoms of Heart Attack

Here in this article, we will talk about the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack. In a current world where everyone is suffered from diseases and conditions, researchers and scientists are constantly busy for finding the solutions. But the easiest solution to this situation is to prevent these diseases and conditions from occurring.

Most of the heart diseases and conditions are genetic, such type of genetic conditions is impossible to prevent. Heart attack signs are constantly presented by not acknowledging them you increase the risk of occurring them.

More than 90 million Americans suffer from some form of heart disease, according to the American heart association. Without properly functioning heart the rest of your body fails, no heartbeat means no life. The more damaged that you cause to your heart the higher the risk of stopping it completely. There are heart attack signals and symptoms that reveal a month before it occurs acknowledging them in advance can save lives and condition before going into a critical stage.

Cold Sweats and Dizziness

When your heart is in trouble the blood circulation throughout your body will be poor. A poor supply of blood to the brain causes dizziness. Dizziness accompanied by cold, sweat, and pale skin might be the symptoms of an unhealthy heart.

If you experience dizziness and cold sweats, especially at night then you must consult it with the doctor. Because it may be related to heart issues.

Chest Pain and Pressure

When you feel pressure and pain in the chest, then your heart may be in danger, these are the signs and symptoms of a condition called angina. The situation occurs when there is a lack of oxygenated blood in the heart.

Many people consider it due to indigestion. But if you feel unusual chest pain and constant pressure for a long time, then it might be related to some heart issues.


When your heart doesn’t work properly, it will fail to supply nutrients to the whole body via blood-circulation. This causes feeling weakness in the body. This situation occurred when your arteries contract and start getting narrow. These narrow arteries fail to supply blood to the whole body which also causes feeling weak and pain in jaw and heart. If you experience weakness and such type of pain, then it indicates that a heart attack may happen.

Flue like Symptoms

It is not a specific symptom of a heart attack but may be monitored closely for a beeping heart attack in advance. If you feel flu-like symptom including fever, fatigue, and chest pain that cannot last between 2 and 10 days then these symptoms should be monitored for heart attack.

Chronic Fatigue

Feeling unexpected chronic fatigue for a long time is a common alarm of heart attack. When your heart gets less blood than needed the result will appear as chronic fatigue. It means that the arteries that supply blood to the heart are not working properly, which may lead to heart attack.

Shortness of Breath

The organ that is responsible for breathing is the lung. When the heart is in trouble and cannot circulate blood through the body a feeling of shortness of breath will occur. Shortness of breath in heart-related issues will occur because of two reasons.

First when the heart is not functioning properly the lungs will be unable to get enough blood to perform its function properly.

Secondly, the exchange of gases occurs in the lung. When the heart is not functioning well it will be unable to get oxygenated blood and provide the deoxygenated blood for gaseous exchange due to which the process of gaseous exchange will be halted.


Insomnia by self is not a symptom of a heart attack, but it can lead to a heart attack. Suffering from insomnia causes anxiety and depression that increases the blood pressure. And high blood pressure for a long time is correlated to heart attack.

Stomach Pain

If you feel pain in the stomach and upper abdomen, that last in a short period of time, accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and bloating. You must consult it with your doctor because it may be the early alarm of a heart attack.

Preventing Heart Attack by Eating Dates

Dates are a flowering plant species in the palm family. In order to be the number one food that can prevent heart attack, strokes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The food contains some special, dates are loaded with calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc which give them huge health benefits.

Here are some reasons dates can help prevent heart attack or stroke prevents atherosclerosis. According to researchers eat dates at least once a day can help you prevent developing atherosclerosis.

A study published in the journal of agriculture and chemistry shows that eating at least 3.5 ounces of dates daily for four weeks can decrease your triglyceride level by 15%. They also reduce the amount of oxidation of fats in your body by at least 33% that in turn lower your blood cholesterol, and blood pressure.

According to a Harvard medical school study recommended consuming (half a pound) of dates a week. Stroke in the United State is the leading cause of serious long term disability. Every year about 795000 people suffer from strokes out of that total roughly 600,000 are first time attacks.

So the goal is to try and prevent from ever occurring. According to the daily health post dates are the number one food that can help prevent a stroke as well as preventing high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Dates contain magnesium, consuming 100mg of magnesium daily, you can reduce the risk of a stroke by 10%.       

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